Lahontan Basin IRWMP

Lahontan Basins Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM)


The Lahontan Basins IRWM is a shared effort by Honey Lake Valley RCD (HLVRCD), Lassen Irrigation Company (LIC), City of Susanville (CS) and the Susanville Indian Rancheria (SIR) to identify regional and multi-beneficial projects for the Lahontan Basins Watershed. On an individual basis, HLVRCD, LIC, CS and SIR have each investigated and evaluated various water resource and environmental management options for the overall health and well being of the watershed within their jurisdictions. The IRWMP integrates these various efforts as well as other efforts in the greater Lahontan Basins Watershed area in order to identify and prioritize integrated regional water projects to maximize benefits to the broadest group of stakeholders in the region.

Lahontan Basins IRWM Plan

Regional Water Management Group (RWMG)

City of Susanville – Dan Newton, City Public Works Director

Lassen Irrigation Company (LIC) – Joe Egan, LIC Vice-President

Honey Lake Valley RCD – Jesse Claypool, RCD Chairman

Susanville Indian Rancheria (SIR) – Aaron Dixon, SIR Secretary/Treasurer

LBIRWM RWMG MOU and Bylaws_Mar 2016

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